Sold Sewell Texaplex 50 (NOT PRS ) original Doug Sewell Masterpiece


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Texaplex 50 Watt head:
Hand wired, all point to point, the best components, hand made in Texas. Doug Sewell's take on the fender Bassman to Marshall plexi tones. Two EL 34's, master volume, high gain switch and the BEST part is the included footswitch that has a separate preamp volume pot so you can have two different gain settings...with the same full preamp. Not two channels, one channel with two different preamp volumes. I used this amp with an Orange 412 and Marshall Vintage 412 as well as with this THD and it sounds incredible with all of them. Head was originally purchased from Super Sound Music in Escondido, CA. This amp really can cover everything tone-wise. Hit me up.
To make this head, Doug Sewell started with his favorite Fender Bassman circuit and then modified it until it sounded like his favorite Marshall JMP. This amp truly is diverse. I can make it sound like a Fender Twin, a plexi JMP 50 or a JCM800 with the additional tone stack gain boost switch on the back of the head.
After a few years of making amps under the Sewell name, Doug was snatched up by Paul Reed Smith to make his amps back in 2010. If you search, you'll probably find the PRS models such as the Texaplex II and the Original Sewell that are based on this exact head.

This amp is just killer....

Condition, its had some miles on it, a few spots in the tolex here and there. The chassis has a tear in it in one of the corners (prob from the incredibly heavy iron) its stable. I spoke to Doug about this and he felt it wasn't an issue.

Buy this amp you will dig it, it comps Tweed, blackface and marshall tones. It was breath fire with the gain switch engaged. Gets Van Halen tones all day.

Its fun!
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