Seymour Duncan Antiquity vs. Antiquity II Telecaster pickups?


Anyone compared the two sets?

I'm hoping the II's have that classic, full-range tone. It sounds like the regular Antiquities are sort of focused and smokey in comparison.

I need a bridge pickup that doesn't do that ubiquitous "pushed mids" sound (broadcaster, "lap steel" pickup tone). The tele I'm shopping for has a naturally dark, mid-focused tone. I need a bridge pickup with firm lows and nice treble detail. Mids need to be unpronounced, clear, and transparent.

Basically, I hope one of the Antiquity sets will give me that 60's low-wind, sparkly, non-boosted tone.


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It sounds as though the ii is your choice if you are looking for the 60's sound. I have 1's in a tele I use regularly and I chose them for that 50 something honk and mids.
I have a set of the Ant 2's in my partscaster. Ash body & RW board.
Very warm tone for the neck & bright,almost jangly sound from the
bridge. Love 'em to pieces.

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