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Seymour Duncan P-Rails?


New pups with 2 coils; a P-90 and a Rail- have you heard about these yet? I've been considering changing the pickups in my Hamer Special FM and it seems like you'd get a lot of versatility out of them. I wonder how they would stack up sonically in a shootout against a regular P-90 or rail pup?

I found a clip on youtube so you can hear them:


Last Nerve

There is no magic tone in a decal.
Gold Supporting Member
I spent a few hours with the SD guys and this P-Rails is KILLER!
They've spent a couple years on this, making it the best it can be and to work out any "bugs."
It will get you 99% of the way there, but with only ONE guitar.
Top Notch. They really got a nice product.


Hmm...upgrade for my Epiphone SG...perhaps...

I saw something about these at some point, probably around NAMM and I was excited, but every time I see any piece of gear designed to do "everything," it ends up doing nothing, hopefully in the store so I don't have to deal with returning/selling it...

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