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SF Pro Reverb delay before tremolo kicks in


I have a 1969 Pro Reverb. I click on the tremolo ("vibrato") with my foot switch and it takes a 30 to 60 seconds before the vibrato will start. Anyone know what causes that?

Dave C

I'd have a look at the inside of the end of the trem roach to see if the lamp begins flashing when you hit the switch. If it flashes immediately I'd suspect the light dependant resister in the roach isn't reacting as it should. If the lamp doesn't flash immediately...have a look at the oscillator circuit for bad caps or drifted resisters.


OK, thanks. I'll start checking caps. I had just installed a new surf bug and that didn't make it go away.
If I could only take one guess, it would be this:

Replace the cathode bypass cap on the oscillator circuit. if it's old and dried out, then the gain of the oscillator is too low and the feedback won't "start".


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