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SG CRAKED HEEL feedback please


This goes out to sg owners that have had cracked heel repairs........

I have found a killer vintage sg with a repaired heel crack. It looks like it was repaired about 20 years ago. The price is good, but looking to hear any horror stories or recomendations about guitars with this repair. Should I worry about intonation issues ect.?

Any feedback helpful



Senior Member
This is very common.
I had this happen to a 60's SG and a late 50's Jr.
If it was repaired by someone who knew what they were doing I'd have no worries.
But the seller, and more important you, must realise the value is way reduced.
Doesnt matter if you love the guitar and its a player, right?
This is often an affordable way to a great instrument. Neck and heel cracks if fixed properly don't affect playability or tone and reduce the value of a vintage instrument by a good deal. I'd have the repair quality verified by a third party reputable technician.

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