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Discussion in 'Digital & Modeling Gear' started by baseggio, Jan 18, 2015.

  1. baseggio

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    Nov 17, 2009
    A lot of the more powerful multi effects units have LFO functionality built in. Essentially you can control any parameter with a configurable LFO. I spent some time messing around with this a bit yesterday, and the most musical thing I could come up with was a non-envelope controlled auto wah. Not terribly interesting.

    Obviously you can do simple tremolo and vibrato with them, but I'm hard pressed to come up with anything really musical with them. Everything I made sounded "glitchy" for lack of a better word. So what have you got? Share some interesting LFO ideas.
  2. ChrisVereb

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    Sep 23, 2014
    Try assigning a momentary foot switch to enable/disable the LFO so that you just add touches of the more out there sounds for effect at various points rather than trying to build a base sound with the LFO always running. Temp syncing the LFO can also keep it more musical. Then try some of the following:

    -square wave LFO mapped to the mix % of a pitch shifter set for +1/+2 semitones to give a FS controlled trill sound
    -up/down ramp LFO set really slow (like 1 - 2 measures per cycle) mapped to the rate of a modulation sound you're using in your preset. Kick in the FS at the end of section to give the impression that the last line is kind of flying/sinking away as you switch to the next sound. Add a delay with tails that you kick off at the end of the section to add to the "flying away" effect
    -map a sine wave LFO with a slowish rate to a harmonizer wet mix % so to add a subtle octave sound phasing in and out. Keep the wet amount low and just let it fade in and out like a slight overtone.
    -map the LFO to several bands of a GEQ with varying depths and polarities to make a really complex moving filter as opposed to just a BPF moving up and down like a standard wah. Also, mapping the LFO to the freq of a PEQ can give you a very configurable traditional wah sound.
    -might not be possible with a lot of units, but my Boss GT-3 would let you map an LFO to the TYPE of effect being used. I had a patch that would cycle through the different OD/DIST types of effects every quarter note. It had an effect similar to running a sample hold filter or seek wah before a dirt box, but a little more variation to the dirt level.

    Some of the things you do with an expression pedal are good candidates for mapping to an LFO (delay time, mod speed/depth) controlled by FS with a very slow speed. It can let you do those morphing type of sounds while still keeping your EXP pedal mapped to volume in case it gets out of hand or feeds back too much.

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