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Conversion job:

The Special:

ED, plus my Mini Rec hiding on the right:

More recent MkV35:

...not my photo, but standing in for my TA15:
I'm pretty sure you have every single tone covered in your collection. It's a beauty of a sight! Stranded on an island and you get to have ONE, what's your keeper?


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I'm pretty sure you have every single tone covered in your collection. It's a beauty of a sight! Stranded on an island and you get to have ONE, what's your keeper?
Oh man, that's actually a really tough question. I love all of them! I also play a variety of styles of music so it's logical for me to have a variety of tones/amps at my disposal. Of course, several of these amps are versatile enough to cover most of what anyone could play, so it's clear that I have more than anyone REALLY needs. They're just hella fun to play with!

I suppose if I really had to pick one, it would be the first one in my current collection (I had a MkIII long ago), which is the LSC, by a hair over the LSS and the Electra Dyne. Assuming I'm allowed some pedals on this island, I really think I can do anything with the LSC and a few pedals. The LSS is gorgeous, but it can't keep up on the low end; and while the ED can do most of what the LSC can do, and some things that the LSC can't, I think I like the feel of the LSC's clean better. By a hair. Not planning to strand myself on any islands though.

Daniel Travis

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Modded DC10. It's a cool amp, but not for me. Just more of a Marshall player Any of you boogie fanatics fancy a DC10 trade ?



Lonestar Classic. This baby started off as a combo but was taken apart and put into custom-built headshell. The Cabinet is ported and loaded with 2 WGS Blackhawk HP Alnico speakers. KW cabs out of Throgsneck, NY did the work.


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How did you manage to get a one-off amp like that? :)
My best friend is also a Mesa Artist (#3, actually, behind Sir PAUL and Carlos). He’s a studio producer/engineer/artist. I’ve been friends with Doug West since High school and known Randy since Prune Music days. They say I am “part of the family”. When my buddy’s dad died, Jim Aschow and Doug agreed to build this amp for my friend in honor of his late father, to his studio specs. I bought it a few years ago as a way of “loaning” him some money. We share it, but it lives with me.


Mine's an Express 5:50 regular version in red bronco with tan cloth. Had an SOB for a decade and a half as my only amp from mid eighties til I didn't like the overdrive anymore, not sure if the amp changed or my ears changed. The 5:50 is my go-to most played at home and out, takes pedals well, pretty uncolored which is a good thing to me for versatility.
I bought this 2018 Dual Rec new late last year. it is my only Mesa and I absolutely love this amp! I just figured it was time I try a Dual Rec out and I ended up liking it a lot more than I anticipated.

I see you have a SLO and MZero. My experience with both is very good. How would you compare the Rectifier and MZero ?

I never had them in the same room or same rig.


My first good amp was a Mark IIb head, fully loaded; 60/100w, GEQ, Koa & Wicker, she did me very well during the Sunset Strip / metal years, 80s-90s.
It was great, during the pre-audition, when asked “you have a Marshall, right?”
No, but I’ve got a Mesa Boogie.
“You’ve got a Mesa Boogie?!?? Cool....”

Decades later, I went full circle and purchased a Mark 5:35 - love the amp and matching cab, just need to dial in a nice BF Fender tone on channel 1...and knob settings would be greatly appreciated!
Bar gig w/ Cunetto Relic and my #1, an 88 Standard that I’ve had since 1991


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