Share your perfect BOGNER XTC Settings


anyone else have any settings?!

I've dialed in a nice clean in the green channel (Thanks to that fender super comparison on the Bogner forum).

I like the Blue Channel for high gain stuff (but I can't remember what settings were good for this that I used before before... hence the discovery of this thread in a search)

I LOVE the red channel in plexi mode and use boost pedals to punish the front-end on the amp and get it to do that landau'ish farty breakup that's almost like a hendrix fuzz tone with more controllable dynamics.

Here's a clip of the red channel in plexi mode...

PLexi mode: CH 3
EQ all at 12:00
Excursion L
Structure H
PreEQ B2

only slight breakup depending on guitar volume knob, use clean boost to smack the front end for a different kind of compression.


Why not dig up an old thread out of the archives...

Green- As others have posted the Green is all about pegging the volume and using the gain control as a volume. This give the channel some life. presense and Mids turned off for more of a Fender Circuit vibe I hear. I haven't messed too much in this mode but I do like it in Class A and OLD. Full Power. Excursion set to M.

Blue-I have messed around a lot with this channel. You can set it to be smooth and fluid but you also get a bit of that "blanket tone" if you try to go too smooth. If you want more Marshal bite but still with that classic Bogner warmth, try this.

New Switch
Full Power
Class A
Excursion- M
Pres- 2 o'clock
Pre EQ- B1
Boost to taste
Structure L
Gain Full-(warmer that way)
Volume 10 O'Clock
Treble, Middle, Bass-All set mostly to Noon.

Interestingly this is voiced pretty close to the Plexi mode if you turn the gain down to noon.

Red-Still messing with this one. I have the Marvel mod so it will take me another decade to get this one dialed in. Honestly I don't use it much because I don't need that much gain. Its fun to mess with with the gain set to 9 o'clock. It is very in your face in the lower settings. This channel is the one that nails the Jerry Cantrell tones. I don't know if he ever recorded with the Ecstasy but I can pretty much get all those classic AIC tones without messing too much with the Red.

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