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Discussion in 'Effects, Pedals, Strings & Things' started by Fender074, Feb 3, 2015.

  1. Fender074

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    Feb 10, 2011
    Ipswich Suffolk
    Brought a secondhand British tech 21 pedal for a great price in the hope I would find some Plexi tones as well as some early JCM tones can't seem to dial anything in that my ears like or would associate with a plexi would anyone care to share their settings?

    Thanks Tim

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  2. GlauberJoe

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    Mar 16, 2015
    To me Plexi stands for a 59 Superlead so I've tried a lot of these so called Plexi in a Box type pedals and here are my thoughts:
    - Wampler Plexi Drive Deluxe: too MIDy, even with Mid Knob at zero, to me it was like a plain JCM800 and the British does the same thing 1/2 the price cuz this is too expensive;
    - Bogner La Grange: very good but it's too big and too much work to get a good sound out of it and also very expensive;
    - Friedman BE OD: NOT plexi at all, just like a Metal Zone with double the price tag to me, too much drive!
    - Ramble FxMarvel Drive (latest version): very good but lacks character, it has the looks but not the sound or the balls of a Plexi;
    - Box Of Rock: too sterile to my taste, too overrated;

    The only one that came close to a real plexi (59 Superlead) to me was the Tech 21 Hot Rod Plexi. Had them all, sold them all! I highly recommend the Hot Rod Plexi! The only one I didn't get to try was the Lovepedal Purple Plexi cause it is pretty hard to find here in Brazil, but from the videos I've seen it kicks ass! The Jubilee sound amazing too, they are both on my list, check them out!

    I have both the British and the Hot Rod Plexi, I only use the British for a Bluesbreaker/JCM kind of sound or when I need to go straight to PA, whereas the Hot Rod Plexi is my main go to OD. Hope it helps you!

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