Shielding paint flaking off, shedding over time?

Discussion in 'Luthier's Guitar & Bass Technical Discussion' started by Bill Brasky, Oct 20, 2008.

  1. Bill Brasky

    Bill Brasky Senior Member

    Jun 23, 2007
    Michigan, USA
    I painted some control cavities with that Stew Mac shielding paint and noticed whenever I stick my fingers in there to work, black charcoal looking dust easily rubs off on my hands and fingers if I just touch the painted sides. It seems like it could flake/chip off easily. It got me thinking that this stuff might actually cause more problems than it solves if it sheds particles of itself into switches/potentiometers. I ended up painting over it with a clear coat to hold it down. Thoughts?
  2. Bob V

    Bob V Member

    Dec 31, 2007
    Glen Head, New York
    Wasn't worried about flaking, but it did powder off when rubbing it. For some reason I also found myself brushing in a sealer coat on top of that stuff (had to scrape the area where the ring terminal screws on).

    One can is so expensive I find an excuse to use it every chance I get - even if the guitar had a factory coat of carbon conductive paint. If it's similar stuff to what Fender uses at the factory, but you're supposed to put on three coats 24 hours apart - how many coats do you really think they put on?
  3. Memorex

    Memorex Member

    May 6, 2005
    Exctly why I always use copper foil tape and solder the overlaps. It's clean and lasts forever. And you can solder ground wires to it.

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