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I have some pickups in my strat that are sweet, but have some noise/hum. The tone is real nice, though. My pickguard is copper shielded and everything is grounded properly. Should I invest in Shielding paint and cover the inside cavity underneath the pickguard? Does this really work, or will this be a waste of time and money? Does this alter tone? Anyone ever done this? Any comments, tips and experiences are appreciated.




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A friend of mine just did this to his Tele and, yes, it helped. Just be sure the bridge, pickguard and both pickup cavities are all star-grounded to the same point or you'll creat a feedback loop that will make it worse, not better. If the tone changed, I can't say I noticed, but it was a guitar he'd just finished building, and we'd only played it for a day or two before he decided he needed to go back in and reduce the hum. He used a can of Stew-Mac.


you can also try copper tape but it's a bit more of a pain to apply it inside the guitar's cavities (pickups, controls, jack).

But after you do it along with the star grounding, you'll have a new guitar.

I managed to quiet a Texas special equipped strat like this...

You can also shield your pickups with the copper tape, but chances are you lose some highs. (not 100% sure)
In my case with the TS's, i had quite a lot of highs to get rid of,
so it worked fine...

You can find all the shielding stuff info in the link given above by another poster. (

It really works.

What i didn't like about the guitarnuts shielding was the addition of a cap to the grounding route.
I believe this made my TexasSpecials sound thin and weak.
When i removed it, i got back the lost "body" in my sound.

I don't know if it was just "placebo" or it really made a difference.

Don't forget to check your cables.
Cheapo's have a tendancy to collect RF noise.

Good luck.

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