Shimmer in BSR or Specular Reverb 2?


I have both pedals and I am trying to 1 for shimmer and add ambience while the other is going to be an always on reverb.
Both have a preset (favorite) settings and I can get more sounds to use as a combo but which one has a better shimmer?

I feel the BSR has always had the best but I hate it that when I turn off the favorite setting (which I use for the shimmer) the trails just cut off.

I like the shimmer in the Specular Reverb as well as its soft and in the background but feel it comes a lil short of the BSR in effect.

Anyone else has either of these or tried them at some point want to give me any pointers or thoughts on them?


I know in the end, its going to be a, its your pedal do what you think is best, but just wanted some opinions.


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The Specular 2 has my favorite shimmer, hands down. It does a better job of sitting behind the primary signal and not becoming intrusive to what I am playing than the others I've tried (Neunaber, MXR, etc.).

That being said, I have not actually tried the Strymon.
I don't have a Specular v2 but I do have a BlueSky. Doesn't the Specular let you dial in the amount of shimmer? That to me would be the advantage and I'd use the Specular for shimmer. The BlueSky requires you to manipulate other parameters that also affect the global reverb to control the shimmer voice. Other than that it's on and off.

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