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Shipping guitar question


I have a guitar on Reverb and the buyer is in Qatar but says he has a New York address that he wants it shipped to which makes me a bit nervous. He says it will be shipped to him in Qatar when it arrives in New York. Any potential issues with this?


Resident Lefty of Doom
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If he can get the NY address confirmed by PayPal, sure. Otherwise, handle with care.


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One time, this guy from Argentina said he was interested in one of my guitars but he asked if I could ship the guitar to the hotel he would be staying. The risk vs reward wasn't there for me and I politely declined.

If he missed his flight, the hotel can't find the guitar, or whatever, it would be a headache for me to sort through. He can always claim that the guitar wasn't shipped to his address and I would be screwed out of any protection too. Way too much risk and potential for unnecessary drama.

Sold the guitar a few days later to someone few states away.

Brian N

Good call not doing it. Too many scams out there. This dude could have stolen a credit card and since you're shipping to a hotel, you wouldn't even have the guy's address for the police to find him.

While it's possible that it's a legit request, it's still shady. Even if it is legit, dude can't wait until he's off vacation to get a guitar? Not the kinda person that is worth dealing with.

Paul Rathjen

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If its not a confirmed address I would say no. If the shipping address is the same as the billing information, I wouldn't necessarily be worried as long as you get a signature confirmation. There is always risk. For a really expensive guitar, anything that's slightly odd I would say no.

You can ask for photo idea over email and text. Does the person only live over seas, comes into the country from time to time? Do they have a DL, citizenship etc. If that all checks out...but if the person isn't going out of their way to prove who they say they are or something for an international purchase.....


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I have offered to ship Fender guitars with the neck removed and packed separately for a discount. So far, no one has taken me up on it. I guess I'd be a little leery too...

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