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Sold Shiva Audio Devices Duality 50 watt head


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Shiva Duality. Amp is in excellent condition.

50 watt EL34 based head with 6 12ax7 tubes.

Amp has 2 channels - clean/lead. Clean channel is somewhere between a Fender & Marshall depending on how you set the tonestack and eq switches. Lead channel has 3 modes - Vintage (think old Plexi), Modern (more gain, compression, mids) and Lead (adds gain and a bump in volume). Gain channel also has 3 position bright switch to tailor the high end. All channel options can be controlled from front panel by a novel tactile strip, via the supplied foot controller or via MIDI. Fully buffered effects loop (also bypassable) with level control. Amp panel and foot controller have great, bright blue LED's making it very easy to see both on dark stages and on bright outdoor conditions.

Dual masters are provided as well. Masters work on both channels, so you can set a rhythm volume and then use master 2 as a volume boost.

Very well thought out amp. Easy to dial in. Small, lightweight and friendly grab and go head.

New from Italy, this will run you about $2400. Get it here for much less. Auction is for the amp head, controller, power cable and foot switch cable. No cab is included.

More information and demos here:

$1700 CONUS or best reasonable offer. No trades.

I have other items listed for sale as well. This amp is one of the "keepers" but contract work has been slow since October, so ALL the toys need to go.

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