Short funny moment in last nights gig - and a lesson re-learned


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We all have our learned responses to the "Hey man, can I play your guitar?" question that occurs from time to time at a gig. Last night was a new twist - and a lesson.

Playing a cozy upscale lounge/restaurant that we've played a handful of times with smooth jazz, soul, R&B covers, etc.. and have a great rapport with the owners.

While tuning up for the second set, a lady (late 40's) approaches, and very politely and anxiously asks if she could borrow the mic for 30 seconds before we start to play. Everything about the moment led me to assume this meant she had a special announcement (anniversary, event, etc...) to share. So I said "sure".

Upon receiving the microphone, she politely/nervously asked for everyone's attention in the room.

Then, as though under the sudden influence of hypnosis, she began swaying to an imaginary beat, lifts one hand up to the sky, and begins belting out a new-country love ballad as though she was driving an arena full of 8,000 Shannia Twain fans into a whipped up new-country frenzy.

For 60 agonizing seconds, we (collectively, the band and the crowd) wait for the solo to conclude. The applause she receives - outside of her date - was more of a thank you for concluding her show - but I am sure it inspired her to stike again on another night.

All in all, there was no harm done, and it was kind of amusing. And, in a cozy place like this, it was the right decision. But, I still feel I dodged a bullet thinking of what an unknown character would do with a microphone -- even a very polite middle aged lady who asks for 30 seconds of mic time :)

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it happens. my standard response is always
"its $20 to get on the mic".
this weeds out most, and makes the others more bearable.

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