short more intensive vs longer intensive??


hey guys

i have been thinking about how to maximise prastice time to allow the best progress.

so my question to all of you is

Is it better to throw myself in to different two styles and spend three hours a day on each.

or work for shorter time on lots of different styles/things ??

everythings is welcome



If you really want to be productive, get goal-oriented and measure your progress toward that goal.

1) Set up a small number of goals and a time frame in which you will work on them. Sample: For the month of February I will devote my practice time to the following:
Learning 3 jazz standards
Mastering melodic minor fingerings
Get comfortable soloing over Rhythm Changes

2) Establish a practice regime targetting these goals. Take however much practice time you have an allocate it among the goals.

3) Record yourself, if possible, and listen for progress.

4) At end of alloted timeframe, evaluate and repeat goal setting process.

Regarding practice time - in general, more time is better than less time. However, your mind is only sharp for a certain amount of time. There are diminishing returns to practice time after you exceed your mind's time limit. More pratice sessions of shorter duration are better than marathon sessions.

Another thought: I think it is better, in general, to focus on a couple skils at a time and practice them to mastery. Otherwise, you have a ton of things in-process that take forever to be gig-ready. One new thing (lick, chord voicing, scale, etc) you can actually use in the real world is better than ten things that you have not yet gotten under your fingers.

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