Should have guitars?


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Original '59 LP and Explorer
Original '50's Strat and Tele
Early '60's Jazzmaster
Early '60's 335
Bob Benedetto built Archtop or possibly original D'Angelico
Pre-war Martin or two
'85 or '86 PRS Custom
Early Ric of some sort
Dumble Amp of course, and maybe a Trainwreck

Hey, you asked.

Joe Boy

Every one needs a Gretsch of some sort.

Preferable a Falcon, fully dressed in white.

This post endorsed by Neil Young

snow and steel

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If you are making a living playing music?
Strat, Tele, Les Paul, a 335, and a good well rounded acoustic.

If you are not;
You need one really good guitar that makes you WANT to play, and a spare that is similar to the #1 might be nice if you go to jams or play out on the weekends.
-Any BC Rich with tribal graphics. You can always add your own barb wire if it's not tough enough.
-Brawley 7 string.
-Take a page from Yngwie and make sure you have a scalloped neck. Preferably, have multiple. I just scalloped the neck on my Les Paul Recording Model and absolutely love it.
-Anything that incorporates feminine characteristics into the design. Nipple knobs. Airbrushed knockers or spread legs. Stuff like that. Let people know, that not only are you there to rock their face off, but your DTF too.
-Early 2000's Danelcetro's. Sound and play great. I think their value will only go up because they were made so close to Y2k.
-Line 6 Variax with P90's.
-And when in doubt, photoflame with gold hardware is always classy.


Humbucker - I like Les Pauls and SG's
Single coils - I can't bond with Strats, kind of with Tele's, but I love my Jazzmaster.
Hollowbody - I'm loving my recently acquired early 80's Epi Japan Casino

Maybe I'll try another Tele this year or next, but for now I'm more than happy with what I've got.

(Add an acoustic and some kind of bass guitar or baritone).

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