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A bit guitar-heavy and amp-light, but it's just a home rig. I also have a De-Armond Weeper Wah that was camera shy.



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i love threads like this. looking good, fellas.

these also help me a great deal with the wife..."see! i'm not that bad!"




You must be endorsed by Two Rock eh? I worked at WGS Speakers for few years and we made their speakers. I've got to play their.. I think 10th Anniversary amp, and it was unreal man. Some of the best cleans and probably the best solo tone I've heard. Very expressive and sings with wonderful harmonics. Of course it was a loaner for the 2009 NAMM show for our speakers. I think Two Rock tagged that amp at like $6K, but wasn't for sale.

Love your pedalboard too man, love the Timeline. Looks like your using Lava ELC cables. I've tried all the pedalboard cables and the LAVA sounds best to me. They are hard to make but if made right they can't be beat. I've went back and forth plugging in board and then straight amp and they give the least signal loss and actually add a little even mid tone with some warmth with no high end loss. But those might not be Lava, just posting my opinion that they are the best "if" made right.
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I'm a dumazz couldn't get pics to insert so put link here (too many anyways)

signal path: (soon to arrive) Carvin SH65 mag output > Morley ABY mixer:

output 1 of Morley > (various pedals as I get em... a Mobius & Ravish Sitar are top of list) > SMS Classic with Garcia mod > Lexicon MX200 > H&K CF200 > Left side of room: the Weber 12" ceramic Cali (alum dome) in H&K closed cab (has the tie dye cover). Right side of room: 12" Weber ceramic Chicago mounted in a gutted 1942 Philco console radio.

output 2 of Morley > Line6 Pod HD Pro X (full range out with cab emulations via balanced XLR outs) > Behringer mixer > pair of KRK Rokit 8's across room from each other, but on opposite walls of the 12" guitar speakers.

I'll disable the mag guitar output of the Ghost system in the Carvin to go direct to Morley from guitar. The 13-pin will then carry just midi & piezo to a GR55 so then the 1/4" guitar out of the GR55 unit is only piezo & will go into Mackie mixer (I have 3 small mixers). The Mackie has an Alesis Nanoverb 2 in it's fx loop/send mounted in that Philco console radio front. Feeding that Mackie will be the GR55 stereo output after going through a TC Ditto X2 stereo looper. Also feeding that Mackie is an Alesis SR18 drum machine. The Mackie's main output feeds a Behringer mixer which feeds BOTH a pair of passive Alesis 6.5" Monitor One's (powered by Alesis RF-100 reference amp) and a pair of active KRK Rokit 5's in the rear across room. So those 4 speakers will handle the guitar synth, piezo & drum machine but I can route signal to also use the Rokit 8's the Line6 uses for variety or if things get muddy. I know it's a lot of speakers but I don't want volume... I'm just a bedroom goofer for "special" parties :messedup :crazy & desire hi def trippy clarity/depth & VERY into stero fx. The GR55's USB will feed into PC > Sonar which can trigger Omnisphere & many other killer VST's. The Tascam iUR2 usb audio interface really helps it all happen & it's analogue out feeds that same mixer with the 4 speakers. My real babies are my acoustic instruments... 2013 Bishline Danny Barnes, 1997 Martin D-1, & my pride n joy: a 2005 Huss and Dalton 000 (12-fret, Rosewood). I repainted room in prep for SMS & guitar too...I know it looks ugly but it's not so bad in person. (plus I kinda like ugly/clashy) but it'll work.
These electrics, plus a 1-pup Les Paul Melody Maker I'm arguably flipping:

There's also 3 acoustics not pictured.

These amps, minus the vintage Cordovox 2x12, plus a couple li'l practice type amps not pictured:


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