Show me your Les Paul

Elwin Ransom

My 2019 LP standard 60's. It has amazing acoustic resonance and really sings. It's a much better guitar than I am a player. I know the rosewood is a little light and that might bother some, but I think it looks pretty good with the "unburst" finish. I might try some fretboard oil on the next string change but it wouldn't bother me if it didn't darken much. Unfortunately I haven't had much time to play it since I got it in June. Have had to work a ton of overtime this summer (and will be until October). Looking forward to really spending some quality time with it this fall!
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Suhr S-Classic, V60LP's, Soft V neck
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"...she ain't a beauty but hey she's alright..." My '17 Studio Faded with Jim Wagners Goodwood set. I had an R9 for years, never really bonded with it, sold it and found this to scratch the LP itch - the neck is great, and it's got all the tone a LP needs.

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