Show me your PINK guitars!


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I kind of want one with a Floyd Rose and a Super Distortion.

Mines got a PAF pro in it. I almost went Super D (my go to p'up), but am happy with the PAF.

Sadly, the body's probably too thin for a Floyd. That would be awesome though!


Here's one of mine. It started out as a perfectly great J. Mascis Squier before my willpower crumpled in the face of so many possible modifications. Now it's got a refinish in Shell Pink over Sunburst with a satin-finished neck (both in nitro by MJT), a Mastery bridge and trem, Curtis Novak gold foils, a vintage-style wiring harness from Andy Rothstein, a Tusq nut, mint guard, and locking Kluson Revolution tuners. It was assembled and fine-tuned at Austin Vintage Guitars.

I love this thing. The neck is just right for me and the gold foils are a totally new sound to my ears. But the guitar is just too big for me to play while seated in my wheelchair. I wanted a JM so badly that I let its visual appeal overwhelm ergonomic realities. So it'll be up for sale in the forum.

Holy cow, dude that's amazing!!!!!!!
Used to play one of these back in the early 80s. Played great and sounded good (mine had DiMarzios, SuperD bridge and Super II neck) but I could only use it during the early part of a set- when it got warm under the stage lights, the aluminum neck expanded and the tuning went haywire. Also, the string anchor at the top of the neck was held on with a single screw. If bumped it could tilt and that threw the thing way out of tune too.

Bet you never saw a Les Paul this color before. At least I never did. Cellphone pic doesn't really capture the tint very well, looks almost red here but in person it's genuinely, deeply, vivid pink. Limited-run Orville from the mid-90s: gold hardware, no poker chip, and it never had a pickguard- no screw holes. Aside from being a head-turner, this is a great playing axe.

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Holy cow, dude that's amazing!!!!!!!

Thank you, cliffenstein. I really wish it were easier to play when seated in my wheelchair. It'll be up in the classifieds by the end of this week. I've kept it until now because my 4 year-old son really likes it, but he'll find things to love about other guitars, too.

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Another great pink guitar thread... One day I'll finally buy/build one. Probably a 50's Esquire with a Broadcaster or Duncan BG1400 pickup and a huge neck. Sigh.

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