Show off your medium sized amps!

"Ain't" that G&L Legacy a great guitar?

I had a few friends that worked at G&L while I was still at Fender, made a few secret visits to the G&L factory and loved the time I had talking biz with them. I even bought a couple G&L (secretly) because I really appreciated their innovations, quality and sound. Such and under appreciated brand and company. Superb mfg and hardware quality.

1993 "ASAT Classic" and a 1995 Stratocaster Legacy

G&L 1993 ASAT Classic a Promo Model $1500.jpg
G&L 1995 Stratocaster Legacy front.jpg


Here’s mine:

Friedman Dirty Shirley 40 watt (DS-40) 1x12 Combo, Celestion Cream Soeaker. The model with the three way voicing. Lots of great tonal options. Really nice loop. Pairs up nice with one of the V Boutique cabs below with the EV. The bit of sag you get with the tube rectifier is nice when playing in a three piece. You can cover a lot of ground.

Ceriatone 50 watt Yeti. Two V Boutique 1x12 cabs with EVM-12L’s. This thing has a lot of punch. Pairs great with all my guitars (Teles, Strats, PRS, Gibsons) and all pickups (HB, Single Coil, P90). The loop requires a buffer, and the Klienulator works great. Great classic rock machine. A lot of fun to play through.

Egnater Tweaker 40 watt with Avatar 2x12 cabinet with Celestion G12H Green Backs. I know that these have a traditional reliability problem, but I’ve been playing this a long time with no issues. It makes me nervous though. This is my go-to for blackface or Vox type cleans. The effects loop sucks, but placing the Klienulator buffer in there does help tremendously. Such sweet tones.



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AW HELL YEAH!!!!!! Does the Super Amp have harmonic trem (the phasey one)?
Yes, this one is a 1960 6G4 with the univibe-like harmonic does really cut down on the volume of that channel, though. The normal channel is very plexi like. A/B switch works great between the two. ~35 watts.
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Here's my medium sized rig. 1964 JTM45 clone built with NOS parts by a friend running into a Swanson 2x12 with Scumbacks. Gets plenty loud for my needs and sounds fantastic while doing it.


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