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Show off your Suitcase Pedal Board

Sorry if this is a double post, but I want to see your pedal boards that you made out of an old suitcase or sewing machine case.

Here's mine, I forgot to take a picture of the suitcase itself, oops.



Awesome - the Mooer Yellow Comp isn't as piss-yellow as it is depicted in promo shots. How do you like it? Do you use it as a subtle, always-on enhancer?

The Hardwire DL-8 rules too, huh!
Before I got the yellow comp I was using a boss Cs-3, which was not subtle at all but I liked it a lot. When I switched to this board there wasn't any room for it so I figured I would try the yellow comp. and I do play with the comp knob quite a bit, I soem times use it as an enhancer, but other times I really turn on the squash on, all depends on the tune!

And yeah I really love it, i was surprised when I tried it out.

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