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Here is a very rare '95 Charvel San Dimas Model I USA - Koa with birdseye maple neck and pau ferro board and custom neck profile. These are very special guitars!

Charvel San Dimas with ash body, maple neck and ebony board. My take on the Washburn N4 Nuno toan formula (including L500XL/'59N) but costing substantially less than $4000.

B.C. Rich NJ Classic with nato body, maple neck and subtly striped ebony board. Well upgraded hardware + 6100 SS frets, and it keeps up with some expensive company. I knew it was worth upgrading because the natural tone was excellent.

My most recent Warmoth project: Roasted swamp ash body with a few coats of lacquer, maple neck and rosewood board.

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Some natural grain shows through on this one so I'll whip it out and display it (I actually don't know what the color is, vintage blonde?) - but not nearly clothing optional enough compared to the proud members seen here at full mast. Heeeee!

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