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Show Us Your Pedaltrain Mini Pt.3

The link leads to a blank board. You need to save yours as a JPEG and upload it to TGP.
Thanks. For some reason Tapatalk is not accepting any of the jpegs I'm trying to upload.

In any case, the order of pedals I'm considering is:

Compressor -> distortion -> reverb-> delay ->flanger -> clean boost.


Gold Supporting Member
Just added the Luxe,, Good to go.. The Diamond pedals are new to me as well. They are great sounding pedals.


Also posted this on the Boss only board, but I built this board close to PT Mini specs although a few inches less wide and added a slope to it so pedals are more at an angle than with PT Mini. Had a PT Mini before that I regretted selling and just couldn't bring myself to fork over the $70 again, ha. I usually just run this off 9V's, but have a One Spot, too. Also have an ME-80 which does anything this little board can't, but honestly I don't need much more than these. The BD-2 is so versatile, and I'm a tremolo nut.
LOVE all of your boards. Such cool ideas and setups and they are crazy good inspiring.



Originally Posted by 11A View Post
Whats the point if you cant even fit the power on and everything is an arse to press?
The point is the distance between me and mic stand which I don't like to be too far.
In the past I had a larger pedalboard, but really prefer this small pratical one.

I love to switch on my both delays at the same time.
No problem to switch on each pedals individually. (tuner is the less reachable but not used to much).

Everything is powered by the PP2+ (with doubler cable).
Both Catalinbread delays run at 18v.


I haven't seen 3 H9 on mini yet, 2 indeed (I already had 2 on a PT-mini) but this is crazy!
Don't you feel the lack of a controller?
This setup is for my playing/practising room.
I use an iPad on a stand to control the 3 H9's

Previous/other PT-mini's

I have a PT2 in the studio which I'm working on to config with midi/controller with the H9's.....2015 project!!
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Senior Member
I haven't seen 3 H9 on mini yet, 2 indeed (I already had 2 on a PT-mini) but this is crazy!
Don't you feel the lack of a controller?
Yeah, he may need control or he would have to toss the Archer and Simble to fit yet another H9!
He's out of control :p

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