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    Nov 14, 2005
    Atlanta, GA
    Show us (and/or tell us about) some of your favorite slides.

    Here are mine right now...


    Top Row:
    Dunlop Mudslide
    Handcut wine bottle top (from eBay)
    Dunlop Pyrex
    Dunlop Pyrex (smaller size)
    Dunlop Pyrex (knuckle size)
    Dunlop Blues Bottle

    Bottom Row:
    Big Heart Robert Johnson Signature
    Dunlop Brass
    Dunlop Chrome
    C. B. Gitty Copper
    Handcut copper pipe (from eBay)
    Big Heart Heart Shaped Porcelain

    I mostly use the Dunlop Brass, the C.B. Gitty Copper or the Big Heart Heart. Since I usually use my pinky for slide, most of them have moleskin on the inside to pad things out.

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