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Show your 70's, 80's & 90's Rock Album Collections!!!!!!


I've had these put away in a plastic bin for a VERY long time, and I'd forgotten about them.

I don't even remember the last time I even played any of these.

I used to have a lot bigger collection than this, but my son took a lot of them for his own collection.

I know this is 'Old Man Rock", but this is the music I started playing out in bars back in the early 80's when I started.

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Platinum Supporting Member
No offense, but do you expect people to pull out their album collection, photograph it and post it here? For me, it would take hours. Sorry, but no thank you.

For people with a handful of records, it's no big deal, I suppose.


In Transit®
Gold Supporting Member
Thanks . . . about 2000 LP's (old photos) mostly 50's through to the 80's, beyond that cd's took over. Lots of vintage audio gear here.
I would have guessed about that based on my volume of about 1500.

You also have quite the assortment of turntables.

Cactus Bob

Silver Supporting Member
I would have guessed about that based on my volume of about 1500.

You also have quite the assortment of turntables.
The TT's are Technics & Pioneer from the 70's and I have about 4 more in the other room. I need to test them and move them on to new owners.

Great avatar there lol!


Silver Supporting Member
My vinyl is packed up due to ongoing home repairs, but I've got about 500 albums, and yes, it's mostly Old Man Rock (or as my kids call it, Dad Rock). Southern rock, hard rock and metal, with some R&B, funk, country, and blues mixed in. The majority of my collection is stuff from the 70's and 80's, but I do have some new vinyl by more current bands like Blackberry Smoke and Rival Sons. I started collecting back in 2014, thankfully before it became trendy and places like Half Price Books and the few record stores still in business decided to start charging "hipster" prices for original vinyl.

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