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Show your Guitar! If you have a guitar, post a picture. Any Guitar. Any Color.


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If you have a guitar, post a picture. Any Guitar. Any Color. Any wood. Any number of strings. Any number of tires. Any other materials. Any type of tuners. Any type of bridge.
Painted, not painted, oiled, charred or on-fire.

Telecasters, Stratocasters, Danocasters, Broadcasters, Les Pauls , SG's , Gretches, Epiphones, Fenders from everywhere.

Solid bodies, hollow-bodies, semi-hollows, and air guitars!

White, red, green, blue, bursts, and any imaginable color or pattern.

Ukelele's, mandolins, pianos - any type of stringed or non-stringed instrument. Or non-instrument. Just post a photo of it.

Have a tree in your backyard that might be a guitar one day? Post it. A barn you want to steal some wood from for a guitar? Post it.

Anything at all that you want to call a guitar, post a picture before we get a new thread about it.

Let's just get it all out of our system.
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