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Yamaha 1421

What is that? I like it a lot.
Thank You! it's a wonderful guitar and I have had more than a few of the Weddingtons this one is 1990 Yamaha Weddington Custom which back in the day was their top of the line version of the Les Paul design by Rich Lasner. It took me a long time to get this one and it was worth it,............... a real special instrument.


Gold Supporting Member
My only guitar at the moment and it may be getting sold tonight. Not sure if I'll replace it or not.

Just a question on your guitar. Seems the bridge is too wide for the neck and your strings are not tracking the pickups very well. Did /do you have problems with pulling the strings off the neck when bending or even just playing?? If that would be your reason to sell... perhaps a narrower bridge will solve your problem, they are available... Cheers

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