Show Your Pedalboard: 2019 Edition


Been a few years and probably 100 different set ups since posting in one of these threads. Recently upgraded from a Pedaltrain Junior with a PP2+ to a Classic 1 with a Pedal Power Mondo and added a Loopmaster 6 loop switcher. The Avalanche Run and Flint are not in loops. Loving this set up with my blackface Fenders.



This one is a work in progress! My buddy uses it at our jam spot with his Boogie express combo. Friedman board with buffer bay and two Strymon units for power (Zuma and Ojai R5).

Routing is a little odd right now; might move the tuner to inline closer to dry guitar rather than split off from volume pedal. Current signal path is:

Guitar > buffer input > wah > comp > envelope > mini ts9 > phaser > ocd > boost > amp.

Amp fx send > patch bay > empress input (empress loop: volume pedal with tuner side chain > analog delay > supa trem > nemesis delay w/ midi switcher off side of board to change presets) > empress output > patch bay > amp fx return.

We tried it in stereo and with wet/dry using my other amp and cab. Ended up just keeping the cab (friedman 1x12 with g12m65 creamback) set up as extension cab to his Boogie. Less hassle dealing with two amps. Must say; the Empress and the Friedman patch bay make this stuff a little easier; in terms of routing and switching from ABY to stereo or mono, etc.

Cheers! Happy New Year!



Have to ask the obligatory "how is the volante"? It looks way less green than I thought it would based on web pictures. strange.
I would say it is more of a yellow green, in my picture it doesn't look as bright but it is definitely a bright pedal haha. I think it is great! If you like Binson/Tape delays then I would say you will like it!


Just bought a new board and power supply while I was in America. It's a Friedman 1525 board and a Friedman Power Grid 10 power supply. Also got a Suhr Rufus Reloaded while I was there and it's awesome so far.

Been having massive amounts of buzzing problems and it pretty much drove me to not playing at all because I would get pissed and frustrated about it (yeah I know I should just play without, but it bugged me so much I couldn't stop focusing on it)
Anyway. I'm really happy there's no buzzing now. I love I can now just go, turn my gear on and play without any problems.

This is the first big board upgrade I've done in the last 11 years hehe. My old power supply and board (and some of my pedals) were totally submerged when my basement flooded a few years ago. Everything worked fine when it had dried hehe, but I'm happy to have swapped it all out now.

There's still plenty of space on the board for another pedal. I'm thinking about putting my Fuzz Factory above the Tim Pierce overdrive because I love it hehe. I used to have it where the Rufus is now. Just felt like trying another fuzz, but it's weird looking down on my board and not seeing the Fuzz Factory.

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