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Show Your Pedalboard: 2020


Silver Supporting Member
Noise gate (for EMF)
VFE Mini Mu (auto wah)
Nocturne Mystery Brain (drive, boost, delay, vibe)
VFE Merman (klon)
Basic Audio Shore Bird (rat)
Horizon Devices Apex (hard distortion)
Spaceman Gemini IV (fuzz)
Coldcraft Harmonic Tremolo
VFE Coral Reef (chorus, flanger)
SurfyBear Compact (reverb)

It isn't cleanly laid out but it is fun! 20201012_094000.jpg


Silver Supporting Member
How is that Mystery Brain, have you ever compared it to a Boss Re-20?
Never had a RE-20. I had an Aqua Puss, which is a wonderful pedal for slapback.

It was time to step up to a rockabilly Cadillac with some throaty OD from the Atomic Brain side of the pedal. The modulation is alright, I keep it on vibe more than chorus. What is nice about the newer models is an out for a TRS splitter for an effects loop after the overdrive.

Fun pedal. Glad I bought it.


Silver Supporting Member
Got a Delay Llama and thought I may as well make a couple of other changes. I use the H9’s tuner.

Almost all of of my lights are blue and red.

Tried to make the underside as complicated as possible, because I’ve got a bit of time on my hands. I think it’s working out pretty well.

Cool. How do you like your QuarterMaster? Physical click is minimal? Any audio pops?


What’s the toilet and spongebob pedals? I want both.
The toilet one is a modified bluesbreaker OD ala Prince of tone
The spongebob one is a modified transparent OD ala Timmy

Both are made by a friend. His graphic design are really perfect. Here's his website :


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