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Show Your Pedalboard: 2020

How do you use the Satellite pedal? Great board.
Thanks. The White pedal is my main OD and gives me a crunchy tone through Tweed Vibrolux and Tweed Super clones. It doesnt gel so well with my Fralin P90’s in my Eastman but with a tele and Wolfetone Dr V loaded R8 it sounds great. Its a very dynamic pedal, much more than most overdrive pedals I have tried (which is a LOT)


Silver Supporting Member
I use a Collider+Terraform combo on my direct recording rig with an Iridium and it is indeed a powerful combination. Lots of really cool guitar sounds available.

Cool board. What's that Unit 67 pedal on the right?

it’s a booster, 1176 style compressor and EQ with a range master mid control in one
Handy little pedal


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It's been over a year now without any significant changes to my big board other than getting the midi wired up and a Temple Audio patch module wired in. I still need a few TRS cables to get the most of it, but I've been pretty happy with this for quite a while. I've given a lot of consideration to swapping the Torpedo for an Iridium, but I think I'll leave it as is. It serves this board well and the Iridium stays floating around various other small configurations.

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