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Show Your Pedalboard: 2020


Thanks :)
I love the Csidman and it's actually always on. Sometimes I let it go wild and other times use it as a simple delay. In both configurations it's extremely useful and pristine sounding.



This is my setup right now
Main board in front of the amp
Other board is slight overflow from the first board and effects loop stuff
Epi lp Jr ( Duncan cust.5) -
Buffer, harmony man ( dist. Loop:
Attack od ( *on always), hardwire TL2, ehx cock fight) , Keeley comp+,
( out to other board)- donner noise killer , pure buffer - blackstar id core 100 _ fx loop - caline 10 band eq,
Mod tone boost (*), orange boost of (for lead boost), giggity giggity, ehx canyon, buffer , liner any - A blackstar fx return
- B Peavey special 212 (Sheffield) fx return
Extension to Peavey blue marvel 2x12 from pv combo
Kind of crazy but it works for me


Silver Supporting Member

Very much a work in progress. Started about 6 months ago and been trolling gumtree and eBay. The Benson is the only one I have bought new. The RAT and the DM2 were a very generous gift from a band mate many years ago.
The board is homemade, a folded price of aluminium.
Hope to have it filled in a bit more by the end of 2020


Tweed Tube Tone Purist
Surprised I don’t see a Memory Lane Jr or DD5!!
Hey hey!

Yeah for sure! I tell you what - still some of my fav delays for sure. I had them in my board for years - they really are a mainstay kind of delay for me. I finally got in a big enough mood for something different AND found something I loved! So that was a winning scenario for me.

Super happy with what I’ve got going on right now.

So it’s a rare moment of I got rid of something not cuz I was unsatisfied, but rather cuz I wanted something new & different :)

Personal Note:

I think it’s often misconceived that because someone replaces something for something new that they were dissatisfied with it. While this is the case for me many times, it’s not ALWAYS the case. This is what is true in this scenario. I LOVE Diamond delays, and in my opinion the Boss DD-5 is the best digital delay for the percussive .1/8 thing. The Volante is really satisfying and let’s me do the strong .1/8th thing, tape, multi-head & ambient echoes with more control (multi-tap & presets).

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