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Show your pedalboard: 2021


I’m interested in you the patch boxes on the board. If I read this correct I you use them to add loops to the es5?
No, what I use it for is to route where the ES-5 (and other things) sit in my signal chain. Because live I use amps AND the Stomp, but at home I only use the Stomp and/or plugins. So I need to change where things sit without rewiring my entire board.

So a more detailed breakdown would be as follows:

Guitar > HX Stomp input > Stomp L Send > Patchbay 1 input 1 > Patchbay 1 Loop send > ES-5 (drive section) > Patchbay 1 Loop return > Patchbay 1 output 1 > Stomp L Return
Stomp R Send > Patchbay 2 input 2 > Patchbay 2 Loop send > DOD Rubberneck > Patchbay 2 Loop return > Patchbay 2 output 1 > Stomp R Return

Stomp L Out > Dry w/ amp modelling > Front Of House
Stomp R Out > Wet w/ no amp modelling > Patchbay 1 input 2 > Patchbay 1 Output 2 > Collider > Left output > Boss CE-2 > 59 Bassman LTD
Collider > Right output > Vox AC30H2

Guitar > Patchbay 1 input 1 > Patchbay 1 Loop send > ES-5 (drive section) > Patchbay 1 Loop return > Patchbay 1 output 1 > Patchbay 2 input 2 > Patchbay 2 Loop send > DOD Rubberneck > Patchbay 2 Loop return > Patchbay 2 output 1 > HX Stomp input > HX Stomp Stereo Send > Collider > Left output > Boss CE-2 > Stomp L Return
Right output > Stomp R Return

It sounds complex, but basically all I need to do is change is my input and outputs, and move like 2 patch cables. It gives me the best of both worlds and gives me flexibility when I'm at home. Plus if I'm somewhere where I can't run amps or the amps go down (Vox blew some valves recently) I can just switch over to my "Recording" setup and run fully direct.

Zounds Perspex

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I like the simplicity of the board and the use of the amp's reverb and trem. I also dig the creative inclusion of the attenuator.

I'm curious: have you gigged this setup with the attenuator and amp reverb/trem? Did you find it cumbersome to run & keep track of cables during setup? I'm leaning more this direction myself, but the number of cables running to & from the amp in my rig is starting to get ridiculous and doesn't seem like it will be gig friendly.
Great set-up - I'd happily rock this.


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I just finished a major overhaul of my board(s… I combined two into one.)

It all started with me looking for a lead boost and trying a pile of overdrive pedals of various backgrounds, just to find the EQ2 for a great price, whilst simultaneously swinging a trade with a buddy for that pog. But the only way I could make it work was to put the DISO and neuro hub underneath, which wasn’t possible with my old pt2. So, new board (pt classic 2), and of course I need power so, ojai. Then i had to cut a piece of 3/4” ply to give the neuro hub something to sit on, and am waiting on the diso mounting bracket from pinstripe. Sold/am selling superfluous pedals to pay for it. I hope. Woof.

So, tuner, compressor, pog, and eq2 in front of my pt15. Then, top row (minus the comp) runs stereo from the IR line out of the pt15 through the diso. Iridium is on there as a backup/didn’t want to take my amp home from church option.

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Newest iteration. Looking for something to replace the two tc pedals but they work great in stereo and wet/dry
Keeley Eccos and Hydra would work fantastically there. Awesome stereo fields from what I’ve heard in demos.

Walrus D1 and R1 would also fit there. You get more delay and reverb types, but they lack analog dry through if that matters to you.

Then there’s the Source Audio Collider, which combines both effects in one pedal. Super versatile, excellent bread-and-butter delay and reverb tones.


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Fun fuzz day!

Signal chain:

Strat->Colorsound One Knob->RCA SunFace->Collector Effectors Coypu (RAT/MKI)->Devi Silver Crank/Dark Boost->BEC NKT 274 Bascomb Fuzz Face->Sparkle Drive->Prince of Tone->UA Starlight->DL-8->Walrus Slo->'77 Vibrasonic Reverb

Nice choices! What's the story on the BEC FF? Dig that Collector Effectors too. He made me a sweet Buzzaround that's great.

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