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Here's where I'm at right now...

Got the Overlord yesterday, definitely one of my favorites for drive duties - it stacks wonderfully into the Tumnus.

The mini board runs through one of the effects loops of the HXFX, and the DVP-1 is used as an expression pedal for legit switchless wah action. I couldn't be happier! :D

With beefy humbuckers, fed into a clean "pedal platform" amp, this rig absolutely sings!!!



I knew I hadn't posted a board in a while, but didn't realize that I hadn't at all this year!

main changes in the last while are going from the RE-20 to RE-2 and using the extra space for the DD-8 for non-Space Echo delays, getting the Basic Audio for muffiness, bringing the Direct Drive off the bench for Marshall-y tones, bringing the Fuzz Factory in off the bench for mayhem. Also the Turbo tuner is half the size of the Vox strobe tuner I was using, and more usable.

But things have stabilized enough on my "stay home, never go out" board that I think this'll be it for a while. I'd still like a smaller/better volume pedal with less tone suck but don't know if that's a priority, and I feel like there's a better tremolo out there for me but I don't use it quite enough to do anything about it right now. the only thing I'm fussing with is the cabling underneath because I'm a freak.

Ernie Ball 6166 250k Mono Volume Pedal
Area 51 Wah w buffer
ZVex Fuzz Factory
Visual Sound V2PTB Pure Tone Buffer (under the board)
Sonic Research PT-300 Mini Turbo Tuner
Xotic SP Comp
Retro-Sonic Flanger
Barber Electronics Gain Changer SR
Barber Electronics Direct Drive Compact v2
Stomp Under Foot Skinner Box
Basic Audio Tri Ram
Earthquaker Devices Grand Orbiter v2
Boss VB-2w Vibrato
Boss CE-2w Chorus
Boss DC-2w Dimension C
Boss DD-8 Digital Delay
Boss RE-2 Space Echo
Neunaber Immerse MkII
EBS TremoLo

on a Pedaltrain PT-2, powered by a Strymon Zuma
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Put together this little acoustic board for the weekend. I usually just rip a couple of pedals off my main board and throw them in a bag when I go to play acoustic, but I wanted something a little more put together. I got my 7-year-old to help me with it and she wanted fun colors and design so we had a good time creating this together.
I have reverb in the loop of the Para DI. The Neunaber is overkill for this board, but the reverb really does sound great and it's the only one I own so it goes back and forth between this and my electric pedal board.
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It must be the worst board picture on this thread, but it's the only recent one that I have. It's the first time in years that I'm not looking to replace/update things on my board

Sub N Up as warbly random vibrato or octave pedal
Musket for fuzz
Hot cake inspired waffle for OD
El Capistan for main delay
Digidelay for quirky/glitchy stuff
Pipeline for "precise" timing on tremolo
RV3 for fooling myself that I play like EITS



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Just got done wiring this up. I use the Fryette PS-100 for the power amp duties and it sounds incredible. These Victory preamps are no joke.

Nice to see another person using empress phaser. I'm sorta shocked to not see more of these on boards. What a killer phaser. Oh and the Kraken. Dang I'm jealous.

Gera RG

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This is my current build, after years of trying and trying pedals, my favorites have stayed

Signal Chain

1. VFE White Horse - almost always on, sweet optical compression that i use subtlety in order to increase the articulation, presence and sustain.
2. EQD Swiss Things - Really helpful, allows me to play in stereo, while taking care of my signal with the buffer, boosts when need and extra punch.

LOOP1 (Non Buffered)
3. OBNE Sunlight - Pre-dirt Reverb, as it tracks my signal i found it to work better early in chain, the VFE White Horse gives it punch so i can stack it with my Fuzz or Distortion for Shoegazey sounds. Can get lost for hours with this pedal.
4. Skreddy LMMD or VFE Alpha Dog - This two pedals rotate for high gain duties, (i prefer high gain before low gain), with the Skreddy being used more for leads and the Alpha Dog for heavy rhytms. They're my favorite Fuzz and Distortion pedals ever.
5. VFE Blues King - My MVP of dirt pedals, love at first sight since i got it, it doesn't have tons of gain, but it is pretty versatile thanks to the soft and hard clipping knobs so it is not a one trick pony, also it is the most clearest and open OD i ever had.
6. PC Timmy V2 - I love seafoam green, one of my favorite colors! And being in a useful OD/Boost/EQ is a big plus, i use the Timmy to tame my high gain drives or to stack with the Blues King to reach some mid-gaining driven sounds. Sometimes it is just my EQ pedal.
7. Diamond Vibrato - Vibrato is my favorite modulation, and this is the best i had at the moment, replaced a well beloved Walrus Julia. Lately it is always on as a sweet slow vibrato just for some subtle movement. When i need to do Chorus covers it does his job very well also.
8. ISP Decimator G Mini - Always-on as i don't like to hear the noise coming from my dirt pedals

LOOP2 (Buffered)
9. Strymon El Capistan - After trying all kind of high end Delays, El Cap is still my favorite, almost always on, be it as a subtle single repeat delay or as a big, washy, modulated tape delay. Sometimes it is even been used as a warped vinyl pedal or a doubler. So versatile and easy to use.
10. CBA MOOD - Haven't learned it in depth as others, but i can get some hypnotic drones out of it, the Reverb is different to anything i have and i have one preset for Slip mode in order to do some reverse sounds. I think it is my most inspiring pedal for getting creative
11. Specular Tempus I play mostly ambient, so this one is pure ambient Verbs, not using the delays part of it and i really need a Triple Switch. I like it but still i want to compare against a Neunaber Illumine
12. Red Panda Raster V2 My favorite purchase in some long time, this pedal does just so much that sometimes i just spend time tweaking it. On other note, it is covering some effects that i cannot get from my other pedals, so when it is not in delay duty, it becomes my Phaser, Octave Pedal or Tremolo pedal, saving me the cash and the space that i'd need in order to have that effects that i don't use so often
13. CT5 - A legendary glitch pedal for some reason, it swap places with the MOOD often, but right it it is capturing everything before as a microlooper. Mode 1 gives me a Reverse delay, that i can stack with MOOD's Slip or Raster SoS for some extra trippiness.
14. Secret Preamp - The secret sauce pedal, makes everything sound better, always on forever.

15. EHX 22500 Looper
- I need a Looper in order to practice and improvise, the EHX 22500 can take WAV files as backing tracks, helpful! Still learning this pedal
16. Iridium - Whatever playing at night, or i want to isolate myself from the world, Iridium with headphones will help

Future Changes
Not much to change at this moment, but some pedals on my wishlist, will add an H9 Max to complete the board. At the same time i will need a smaller buffer pedal to replace Swiss Things (maybe Empress Buffer+) and liberate some space in order to fit the Eventide. Want to try a Neunaber Illumine in place of the ST. BA Futureman and SSBS Mini are on my wishlist to rotate with my dirt pedals. Particle V2, EHX Attack/Decay, Fairfield Long Life have my attention but i don't have space in order to fit them and i think i can cope with what i already have.


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Tunable Colorful Wah > Strobostomp > Boost of The Dead > Octavider+ > Moonshine > Earth Drive > Microtron > Retrovibe > Ventris > SCF Gold Chorus+

This is my situation at the moment.

I'm pretty happy but I have to chang the Octavider+ which came out of the box defective. It started to work after a few hours but I heard the initial problem was due to a power pump flaw and I'm gonna take advantage of the refund policy before it's too late. The fuzz also didn't work perfetly the first hours and now it does sound good alone but glitches out when octave is active. I'll probably gonna go for a Boss OC-3 or OC-5.

The Moonshine still doesn't convince me but I'm gonan experiment for it a bit more. I'll try to borrow some TS around and decide wht to do.

I'm also in the market for a simple Delay
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Gera RG

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I like the lunar module in pink. I haven't seen one with that finish before.

The guy who sold it to me told me it was a one off. Being my favorite Fuzz ever I had to sell my standard black and buy the pink.
Killer board! How do you like the Solo Dallas? How do you use it?
Thank you! I'm using it principally as a lead boost, same with Tube Screamer. Mercury & Deluxe61 function as alternate always-on units. However the Dallas & Tube Screamer would also hold up as always-on units, dialing the volume knob back for rhythms and up for solos. The way I'm using them now allows me to alternate & stack, in different combinations. So, if my sound isn't cutting thru on any given day, I can adjust on-the-fly pretty effectively.


Updated and rearranged both my boards, since I picked up a few new pedals. REALLY digging the FZ-1w on the big board. Both modes sound great. Signal chain: Pog2>Fuzz>Phase95>Super Bada$$>Timmy>Tuner(signal gets split, for wet/dry/wet)>CC mini>Flanger(stereo out through the rest of the board)>Volante >DC-2w>Super Pulsar >Polara

Decided to keep my smaller board all-analog. Pleasantly surprised by how good both the Supro pedals sound, especially the flanger.
Signal chain: Tuner>Sub Machine >Vibe Machine >Marvel Drive>Timmy>DMMTT>Flanger (stereo out the rest of the way)>Chorus >Tremolo.


I still kick myself for not getting the Looker when it was easily available.
It’s a truly fantastic pedal, especially for how inexpensive he sold them for. I can’t remember if saw it on TGP, but I feel like I read that he might start making pedals again. If he does, I’m sure he would start building the Looker again. Great guy, who made great pedals.

Dirty Strings

I can’t remember if saw it on TGP, but I feel like I read that he might start making pedals again. If he does, I’m sure he would start building the Looker again. Great guy, who made great pedals.
Now you're getting my hopes up haha. I sure hope he does start building again! I would preorder one right away.


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I swear this is my last entry to this thread. I've been slowly adding Benson pedals because they seem to work so well with my Soldano. The crunch channel with any one of them makes me smile. I also replaced the Pedaltrain Spark that was mounted on the top of the board with a Walrus Aetos mounted underneath. It certainly cleaned things up a bit.

This place is dangerous. Here's a series of pictures that show where I started and where I ended up.




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