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-Signal chain in front of amp: Polytune Mini Noir > ML5 (A. Lightspeed, C. GTO, E. Ego Comp)
-Signal chain in FX loop: MXR EQ > Timeline
-There's a Temple Audio 4X Mod Pro mounted on the side that will automatically switch from 4CM to everything in front of the amp depending on how you plug in.
-The MC6 recalls presets on the Timeline, engages the Timeline's looper, recalls presets on the ML5 (turning pedal loops on and off), and changes channels on my EVH 5150III 50w.
-Dunlop DVP4 mini volume is the expression pedal for the Timeline's mix control on my presets.
-TrueTone CS12 mounted underneath powers everything.
-Pedaltrain Classic Jr.
-Fender Ultra Telecaster with Seymour Duncan Quarter Pounds or a PRS CE22 are my main guitars.
-I play mostly rock styles and modern country
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I made up a bigger one and a smaller one over the weekend:

by Jeff Winston, on Flickr

by Jeff Winston, on Flickr

Dang, I feel like I need to schedule personal interviews with some of you cats to get the low down on some of these pedals and the actual boards you use. I went on a Mythos video bender the other day because someone was selling a Wildwood Mjolnir.


Diggin that Phase 90 with the LED. Such an underrated pedal.

Is it original and did you have the LED installed? I have the current USA CS version and the LED is centered.
Man, I love that Phase 90! I use the Vibe Machine quite a bit less since I goy it, though I still love it.
I bought it from Analogman, the handwired 1974, and had them install the LED and powerjack.


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The FM9 rig won’t look too different from this when it’s done, just adding a wireless and maybe a Digitech Freqout.


But I decided to start building a pedalboard using actual pedals just because I miss having them around. There’s nothing I can’t dial in with the Fractal stuff, but I’m a gear nerd with a dwindling pile of gear and I miss that excitement of having a new pedal pop up in the mail. First pedal is a Dry Bell V3 Vibe, once I get over this damn covid I’m going to pick up a Keeley Dark Side and then it’s onto delay(s).

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