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I should add that I hate sideways pedals and the POG was not necessary. After I found the spot for the Fulltone Supa-Trem (still my favorite trem pedal despite it's shortcomings in layout), I added the POG because I found the extra room and I haven't used that pedal in a long time.

I,too, share your disdain for sideways pedals. I wonder why that is? I just can’t stand looking at them



Put in the GE-7 for a MXR Phase 100, otherwise largely the same. Though I'm finding the noise on the GE-7 to be a bit excessive and thinking about upgrading to a SA EQ2. Also thinking about changing RM vibe to a drybell, would give more space for an extra drive pedal too. Hum destroyer in the back for the ground loop caused by the HX Stomp USB to PC.



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Hello tap dancing ;)
Gotta dust off my 'ol shoes. And a 5 6 7 8!

In all seriousness, I end up playing in a lot of improvisational settings so presets and what not got in the way too much. Also trying to compose with the mindset of not needing to turn off more than a couple pedals in a song, and no more than 1 or 2 at a time cos I just don't have them dance moves like I used to!


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Some really cool boards but some of the cable management blows my mind... no way I could use a board with spaghetti wires all over the pace but if you can that's great. And I'm not criticizing just saying I could never do it. All that really matters is if it sounds good but I've heard neat boards sound better.



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small update to my board happening this week

Not quite complete but i
Squeezed every pedal of mine I could onto the board which is something I’ve been meaning to do for awhile. Now it’s really maxed out.

I am also adding risers to the back row of pedals (DIY: 1”x1” wooden beam, cut to size and painted black. These will be barely noticeable as they will sit underneath pedals and back row needed a rise and it only cost me $5.)

I still have pedals I can’t fit so a larger board is possible or I’ll get an auxiliary board for fav switch + expression pedal.

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