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I rearranged the boards...

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Cool selection of pedals. What Is that Gold/bronze pedal?

Bookworm Effects Atticus Finch overdrive. It was built in Martinsburg, West Virginia. I bought it used at Atomic Music in Beltsville, Maryland. I actually bought it because it has a Boo(st) Radley switch and a Jem/Scout switch. My basset hounds are Boo Radley and Scout. But it sounds really good. I covered the top of my board with Velcro so I can change and move things around whenever I feel like it. I alternate the Special Cranker with a Benson Preamp or occasionally a JHS Clover or Vertex Steel String. Sometimes there is a fuzz on there and sometimes there isn't. I switch out the Generation Loss with various modulation units- usually a Walrus Audio Julia or sometimes a Walrus Audio Monument. The Demedash T-120 is usually on there. But I have a couple analog delays and a Catalinbread Adineko that are sometimes on there instead. And I have a couple reverb units that are sometimes on there but sometimes not. But the Bookworm Effects Atticus Finch has been on there since I got it.

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On the verge of building a new board so this is a transition unit with temporary cables to test my Joyo Switcher (which I love BTW):


Pedals with no graphics:

Black = Echoplex Preamp (a hybrid of the Clinch and Chase Tone)

Purple = Modified PedalPCB Paragon Mini (KoT)


Yes you should. It's still tons of fun even if it doesn't replace your Hizumitas. It spits velcro. It does the violin/synth thing. It gets dark and wooly or it can scratch your eyes out.. Everybody ought to have one.

Edit: I have never played a Hizumitas.

Hizumitas has an airy quality in the bass frequencies that is uniquely characteristic... I would be surprised if the Keeley or anything else bested it... I am motivated to give it a go, though!



I can’t fit more on if I tried. After realizing Gilmour used hm2 up front I was able to fit on my behringer to800 so I can have a screamer clone before and after my keeley modded blues driver. I have been inspired lately from Andy Timmons , David Gilmour , and John Mayer tones. Amp wise currently all solid state. Got my champion 110 working again. I also can run through orange cr120h, Dime d100 , or peavey transtube supreme through either oversized 2x12 or 4x12 cab. There is days where I pull out 7 string and play at the gates or some Doom metal. Other days I enjoy classics from 60s-70s . Just a basement player if I were to gig I would focus the drive section on what I was actually playing sound wise.


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Made some tweaks, I think I’ve finally settled on this build, Really digging this setup with my sg p90T: naga viper always on, snouse is in clean boost mode, bonsai off for cleanish cleans, running through a dr z maz18. Fuzz doesn’t get used much. Working on an extension cab to run dl4 in stereo for rhythm loops etc to solo over. Feel like I could use another form of boost for solos. Or just get better working volume pot



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Flip Top Portable Rig. Still in progress and still a bit messy. Midi implentation still needs to be wired up. Using DMC.Micro.Pro connected to a Morningstar Midi Box to get all onboard midi connected. There will be a midi cable going outboard that will optionally connect to a larger midi controller (RJM) for more visual and tactile control of midi parameters. But the DMC allows me to create and store program changes without the need for anything else.

I managed to hide a Sarno Steel Black Box Tube Buffer underneath which can be seen from the side profile on the third picture.
I also left a few empty 9V slots available through the right side opening for any wah/expression pedals I want to add - such as a pedal connected to the Condor to allow control of all its dip-switchable features (wah-ish, envelopish tones, etc...). All in all I used 3 Strymon power supplies daisy chained together (Zuma, Ojai R30, and Ojai).

The last thing I need to wire on the analog side is a tiny 1 channel loop switcher to control the Micro Pog. I can fit it underneath the right hand side pedal riser right under and in front of the two mini distortion pedals. With the cables below and the footswitch mounted through the bottom so just the switch is visible on top. However thats going to be a real space cram. The other way is to either ditch the TS-Mini or Tumnus. Right now I am really digging the Tumnus so perhaps I mount the Micro Loop Switcher on the very right for a cleaner look. Currently I have TS, Klon, Condor, and Iridium drive stages, not counting the Page TS. So I can probably get by ditching the TS ;)

I want to get it as clean as possible.

I can go out to a stereo rig, but by default the 1440 looper (last stage) is connected to a FiiO A1 mini headphone amp. It sounds killer, drives a wide variety of phones, and allows me to have effects come after the Iridium which is necessary for me to be able to make use of the midi controllable drive tones on the Iridium.

Sarno Black Box -> Micro Pog (1 Channel TB Loop Switcher) -> TS Mini -> Tumnus -> Condor -> Page ts -> Red Witch Moon Phaser -> Mastro Valvola LEM -> Walrus M1 -> Iridium -> SA Collider -> Beat Buddy -> EHX 1440 -> OUT (FiiO A1 or Line Level Amp to FRFR Speakers or DAW).

My goal was to create a portable implementation of this rig: I made custom impulse responses to get a really good approximation of that monster rig. However, I ended up dialing in some settings with the Iridium which are actually almost better (but different) and foregoing the custom impulse (since it requires I disable the amp section on the Iridium which is not possible to turn off and on via midi), keeping the amp/cab emulation running allows me to use the full midi implantation which allows for even more flexibility and patch specific tone shaping.

Lastly, the Red Witch is a little redundant with the Walrus M1. However I like how it sounds and its easy to dial in - so it's in for now. Anybody know what a good option would be that would fit that form factor in its place? Something a bit more 'out there?'


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