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Bearfoot germanium candy apple fuzz to Blammo! Power Boost, to EHX PolyChorus, with a big spring tank for the Anasounds n the effects loop. Put a string swing and some ratcheting nylon straps and all it needs is a beverage holder!
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I know I asked years before but I forget…where did you get the board?

Oh and how to you attach the pedals to the wood top?

It's from Maple Rock Pedalboards out of Acton, Ontario, Canada. Sadly, they've been inactive for the past few years. I'm not sure what happened...

As this board stays at home and doesn't have to travel, I just put rubber feet on the bottom of the pedals (which are easily removable) - they're very sturdy despite the incline.


First proper pedalboard. Dove straight into it and bought loads of stuff. Everything but the Korg Pitchblack bought since March... Currently:

Tuner > Cry Baby GCB-95 > CS-3 > LS-2, loop A (MXR M234) loop B (Helix Phaser > MojoMojo > MXR Dist +) > DD-3T > Micro Amp

On a Pedaltrain Classic 2 powered by Cioks DC7. Just tied down all the cables properly underneath and on the board (not in the picture). With the LS-2 I've got it setup so I only step on that to change between clean/dirt and then the Micro Amp for solos.

Currently just trying out the Distortion +, my distortion pedal has always been a DS-1. Also left off an SD-1, BF-3 Flanger, GE-7 and some other stuff - almost enough for a second similar board.

Edit: Oh, and got a TU-3 on order since April. They're sold out everywhere.


For 2022 the Keeley Fuzz Bender has been replaced by the MXR Timmy and Formula B Fuzz Ranger providing much more versitility. The Deja still doubles as a boost at times. I’m still using the “oscillation” switch on the BED to toggle between slapback/longer repeats and it’s in trails mode (EP preamp always on).
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Received my new Pedal Pad pedalboard/case a week or so ago and got the pedals placed and wired up earlier this week. The layout and a couple of pedals will likely change before the next gig, but this will be it for at-home playing and a band rehearsal or two over the next few weeks. Right now, I’ve got a Cioks DC7 and 4, a Cali76CD, and a Chase Tone Secret Preamp underneath the deck.

I’m absolutely loving my Pedal Pad so far. Great products made by great folks…


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