Show your pedalboard: 2022


I have two separate pedalboards (both in the same photo). One for lighter sounds/classic rock, etc. the other for hard rock and metal.

Light Rock Pedalboard (right) is all in front of the amp (Supro 1600) running mostly clean. There are 4 increasing levels of boost pedal, I generally only have one on at a time.

guitar > TC Polytune > Fulltone Fat Boost > Voodoo Labs Sparkle Drive > Bogner La Grange > Suhr Riot > Boss Waza Chorus (love the JC-120 sound) > Boss Flanger (this sometimes is swapped out for a delay as required) > Strymon Flint -> amp (Supro 1600).

Metal Pedalboard (left) is split between in front and effects loop.
(in front) guitar > Boss Tuner > Boss GE-7 (shaping and clean boost) -> Boss NS-2 -> Revv G20 (input)
(in loop) Strymon DIG > Boss GE-7 (lead tone shaping and volume boost) - I use a Voodoo Labs Dingus just for a cleaner connection to the FX loop.
The pedalboard also has the MIDI switcher for the amp.

Also pictured is my Digi Whammy DT which I will optionally use (mostly with the metal pedalboard) for whammy effects or drop-tuning).


These seem to serve me quite well at the moment.



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Still going strong with the setup after a couple of years. Usually whatever band I am in at the time has the most influence on shaping my pedalboard, and I haven't been doing the band thing since the pandemic started. I bought a new guitar last year and am upgrading my recording setup this year instead adding to my pedalboard. The Fulltone Tube Tape Echo is really my favorite at this point. That, some spring reverb, and a little amp overdrive seems to satisfy me most days. The rest I could do without if I had to, which has made me have some impure thoughts of downsizing. Instead of coveting new pedals, I have been trying to really explore the boundaries of what I have.
Here's my current Pedaltrain Mini. I started experimenting with boost into overdrive. I'm liking the thicker sound and overtones. I also recently added a preamp section volume pedal at the end of my pedal chain in my VHT Special 6 Ultra's effects loop which was a godsend for home practicing with the amp's preamp gain stage knobs cranked higher.



I'd be interested to know how the SunFace plays in that position. I have one which demands to be first in line - where it sounds unbelievable, very touch- and volume-sensitive. But if I place it mid-chain like you have yours, it goes all muddy and loses definition. That said, mine is a 2N and not the BC183 so maybe that's a factor.

I actually originally had the Sunface first in the chain, but in this position I found the vibe to be too overwhelming when both fuzz and vibe were engaged. I much prefer the sound of fuzz after vibe as the vibe tends to blend more into the fuzz tone and the fuzz still remains touch sensitive. To my untrained ears, the Sunface by itself sounds great either first in the chain or in the middle (which could be due to the silicon resistors and might explain your different experience with the 2N).

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