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I decided to restrict myself to a mini board. This is why I beg our great and merciful pedal builders for top mount jacks haha!

Tempted to try out a Golden Reverberator or a Mercury7 because I'm a little obsessed with reverb, but that would be tough on space. On the whole, I'm satisfied, though. I will never need to swap out the gorgeous Hamstead tremolo - it's absolutely perfect and I won't suffer GAS for tremolo for the rest of my life.

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There's a Harley Benton PowerPlant ISO-2AC Pro Modular power supply hidden under there. Great value for money (even when factoring in shipping from Germany) and the isolation has been perfect and dead silent. The power supply is quite tall though, so I had to jack up the legs on the Mono board by 4mm to accomodate it. The Mono board is reversed because I didn't want to see the distracting white logo on the front.

Damn thats a sexy looking Tremolo.

The Whiz

Here is mine! A little mess, but...

Love the Esquire. I play mine 90% of the time these days. Thinking of selling my Les Paul even! haha.


That’s a killer board! I still kick myself for selling my big box DMM.

Nice board and your wiring job is astounding!

Thank you to both of you. 2022 board will have few changes but I will try to keep the quality of the wiring job ;)

DMM will be replaced by Volante which I already bought and testing for past couple of months. Reason I liked DMM is the quality of repeats which is way brighter than the DM-2. Volante has a bit of that too and the patterns of repeats it offers are just amazing. Tap tempo and self oscillation switch just tops its awesomeness. I have it with multi switch plus, gonna be lifted up with a bridge from Fix Pedalboards. There's few other changes such as Nordland will stay but I got the early version on trough hole components with jacks on top - it will fit the layout concept better. No other overdrives tho, I like the main drive my amp does better. Secret Preamp stays and I just got another one which I think may replace the EP booster. I'm testing few other bits and pieces hence the work is yet not started.

I may not be able to play in a cover band with this board but I will surly get way closer to "my" tone much better


How is it I can waste so much time staring at other people’s pedal boards …
Its an addiction, I suffer from it as well! Want to know what I often do? A google image search for "pedalboards" just to find other player's boards that are setup the same as mine and have one or more of my pedals, like I need to vindicate my choices in board configuration and FX pedals!


I'd love to try a gypsy vibe as well... The Twang is indeed fantastic. It is important to note that to my ears it works best if you run the Twang into a cooking amp. Running one into a clean amp with the volume at 2 will yield a shrill sound, which is why I suspect a lot of them were offered on our (Dutch) equivalent of eBay, possibly right after purchase. It really needs to go into a hot amp. The sound comes from the combination of the two. This is also why I have the attenuator - I value my eardrums and neighbours...
Veel op marktplaats? How would you compare this to a unit67? They're both based around a rangemaster right?

Tony Stonem

Veel op marktplaats? How would you compare this to a unit67? They're both based around a rangemaster right?
Dunno about any unit67 as I've never tried one and the name doesn't ring any bells. I do spend an exorbitant amount of time on Marktplaats. The Texas Twang is different to a bog standard rangemaster, as far as I can tell. That would be more of a Brian May sort of thing, I feel. But I might be wrong as I've never tried a rangemaster either. The Twang is just instant SRV :)

Edit: I saw a clip of the Drybell unit67 and it looked cool. Might need to see more clips haha. It does seem similar, but without the screaming fuzz like quality of the Twang or the glassiness.
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Scott SG

pretty simple rig in general.

my board is just a T-Rex mudhoney II, MXR Il Torino overdrive, some Caline multi modulation thing, Boss DD3, Boss RV6 and Boss Tuner.

The guitars are a 2007 Japanese Fender Jazzmaster ‘62 reissue and an old 2001 Korean Epiphone Riviera.

Amp is a Tech 21 TM60, I use 2 live usually, or one into the Tech 21 power engine.

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i regret selling my Tech 21 power engines. Nice set up!


i regret selling my Tech 21 power engines. Nice set up!

yeah I really like this Trademark 60 amp. I actually use it a lot for home recording because it has the Sansamp output too, so you can get the cab sim without needing to mic up the amp. Especially useful if you run the sansamp output into an audio interface and stick a headphone adapter into the headphone socket on the amp , so the amp speaker is silent but you’re still getting sound from the amp into your recording gear. No bothering any neighbours then when recording.

But yeah, great amp the trademark 60, lacks a bit of volume live though, hence running it into a power engine for extra volume

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