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My MIDI experimentation failed (for now) so
I’ve had to revert back to using the triple switch to control the Synesthesia. Also…
Looking Glass OUT - Spiral Red IN
Distortron OUT - Thorpy Gunshot IN
and finally; added a Spiral Demhe fuzz.
The Red is a progression of the LG; and it is sooo very good!
Been on an STP kick lately so I swapped in the Gunshot which gets me to that place.
The Demhe sounds so friggin’ good on its own so unfortunately it made me rethink my board because I run the Chime as an ‘always on’ boost.
Here we go!



IMG_3374 (2).jpg

Just reworked this last night and took it for a test run a little while ago. I'm am amature for sure but having fun. I have a open slot for a EHX Mod 11--I want to try some modulation before I spring for specific pedals--see what I like and go from there. I wanted to do some AB type set up 'cause I'm running a Risa Tele uke into a Supro Delta King and a Godin Mulituke into a Fishman Loudbox mini. I expect to use enough pedals between the two and I didn't want to make two boards for the time being. Well see how it all shakes out. Oh, a photo of the tele-uke and supro together as well.

IMG_3372 (1).jpg


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What board is that?
What patchbay are you using?

TRex Tone Trunk Minor pedalboard. Had some fancy ones and decided I don’t like having that many pedals around so that seemed to be the right size to do what I needed.

The patchbay I built myself. I found a great DIY link years ago. It’s a Hammond box with some 1/4” jacks, but the cool thing is it auto routes without needing patch cables when you want to go from a 4 cable down to a 2 cable connection to an amp. If you look up 4cm to 2cm junction boxes you’ll find a bunch of videos people have posted. Easy to do if you don’t mind doing a bit of soldering!

Update, here’s a modern day link (the only time I’ll ever post to a Vertex site):
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Hey folks ! I recently got some new pedals so I thought it was the perfect time to reorganize my pedalboard ! I'm doing a lot of testing right now so it might not be my final signal chain, and there's no reverb because I use the spring one from my amps.


Nothing revolutionary but way enough to please myself !

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