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Show Your Pedalboard Thread #40-49 And Following


Great start to thread #46!

Here's my most recent. Likely to have a few possible changes coming, but we'll see...

Whered you get the black HOG2? killer...


May I ask, what is your chain?
Looks you have 2 tuners?
Great board!

Thanks! Yes, there are two tuners. One is for acoustic and occasionally banjo.

Electric Chain is PitchblackPoly>Mini BiComp>Double Barrel>Timmy>DM3>El Cap>Flint. The volume pedal is acting as an expression pedal controlling the reverb mix on the flint at the moment.

The acoustic chain is just Pitchblack>LR Baggs Para DI.


Haven't posted in this thread in a while, but I redid this guy the other night so here it is: (sorry for the ****** phone pics)

Out:Timeline, SD-1, BA Tri/Ram, Super Badass Dist.
Back In: DD-5, CC, RV-5

And what the hell, here's one with my name's inspiration:

Watch out! They'll be comin' at ya and hopefully put daddy to shame, haha!:stir


heres one I threw together for a jam today

Lovetone Pedal Board
Red Panda Particle
BC108b Silicon Fuzz Face (made by me)
FoxRox TZF
Deluxe Memory Man (mn3008)
Lovetone Wobulator

to a Fender deluxe and Blackstar artisan in <<Stereo>> ;)



So here's my latest configuration of my gigging board (Celtic/Trad+Light Rock covers+originals band), redone and tested this morning:


A few things different from the last time I posted it. A while back I had gone wireless, and re-arranged for the tuner, removing the EQ (thinking I could add it to my main "home/studio" board). Dirt tends to evolve constantly. Was a DS-1, then a TS clone, now the DN-2. For what we play no-one will care what I use, I just need to cut through the mix with a little dirt...

This morning I took the pedal "pockets" out so I could cram the EQ back on the board - I was missing it, and felt the acoustic branch of the Line Selector was a little too mid-rangy. Plus, if we are playing an all-acoustic song, I can use the EQ as an anti-boost, so that when it comes time for me to add a tasty solo, I just disable it - net effect is to boost the overall signal, and "adds" a bit of mid-range hump to cut through the mix a bit.

The straight-plug patch cable is there mainly to stop the three pedals at the back from backing all the way to the edge - the edge interferes with the battery cover knobs. It is also a handy backup, I suppose.

Oh yeah, and that's the practice amp I take when the band, well, practices. When we gig I plug straight into the PA (via a DI, usually), so the acoustic amp does a good job of simulating the live sound for practice. Much better than my Fender HRDX...man I'd love to play a gig where I could actually use that. Gotta get me into a real rock band...


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Haven't posted my board here in a while. Went back to things that work for me: LM and Flint. The Mobius and Jetter are new. Everything else has been there for a long time.


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Haven't posted my board here in a while. Went back to things that work for me: LM and Flint. The Mobius and Jetter are new. Everything else has been there for a long time.

The board appears to be resting comfortably on the couch.

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