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Show Your Pedalboard Thread #40-49 And Following


Some beauty boards on this thread! Finally wired up mine today! Went with the DIY approach.

Nothing too fancy and still waiting on my most recent purchase to arrive (Hoof Reaper). Basically signal chain will be:

tuner->hoof reaper -> crybaby -> 108 fuzz-> AMT p2 (preamp mode) -> 6-band EQ -> both iStomp pedals -> tc helicon voice live play electric -> Alto Ts112a powered PA

Use the TC for reverb chorus and delay which is footswitchable with the 3 button switch on the bottom right. Has tc's hall of fame,corona and flashback built in with other effects. The unit itself I can change patches with or add vocal effects but mostly use the looper on it. Use it direct for acoustic playing too. Usually no amp model and just use the cab sim on the unit. Use the iStomps for a choir chorus and a delay that gets more modulated as the repeats continue. Use mostly on clean stuff.


So, I posted my main gigging board only last week, but I have already made some changes :)

The Xotic BB Plus was replaced by my old Fulltone Fulldrive 2, just to try something new. The BB Plus sounds good with the amp cooking, but I was never really happy with the way it sounded at lower volumes with my main gigging amp, a Fender Custom Vibrolux Reverb. But I also found that this amp is very picky about drive pedals. Love the clean sound the amp has and it is light weight enough that I can still carry it up an down the stairs in a flight case.

I added the Golden Eagle to use as a clean boost, but I still find that I need a clean boost that doesn't cut as much bottom end. But is sounds really good for some stuff, though.

I recently came to the realisation that I never ever use the auto-wah or the step-wah functions on the Voodoo Lab Wahzoo, so it had to go to free up some space on the board. I choose the Morley Maverick for size, sound and the auto-on/off function, no switch. It sounds good, has a nice full sweep that keeps a lot of bottom end, and it is so easy to use the auto-on/off function set to fast (there is a trim pot inside). But it seems a bit noisy when engaged, even with a clean sound and no drive pedals on. This is not a dealbreaker live with a full band, but still a bit disappointing.

These changes worked well at saturdays gig, but I have to play it out some more before I can evalute and tell if it will stay this way or needs new changes soon.

Also swapped the white TC Polytune 2 for the new Blacklight version, as it looks really cool to me. I did find it a little bit difficult to tell the white LEDs from the blue LEDs on the display, had to consentrate more while tuning between songs, somehow that seems easier with greeen and red LEDs, something about the contrast I guess. But I think I can get used to it over time.



Senior Member
Using 1 of these

i now have these three on my pedalboard using the smallest pedal on my board. :D

Wouldn't you have more control if you ran three of those? One per unit so that you don't have to turn each unit on and off when you want to use a specific one? Or maybe you use them all at once, I don't know.


Wouldn't you have more control if you ran three of those? One per unit so that you don't have to turn each unit on and off when you want to use a specific one? Or maybe you use them all at once, I don't know.
Yeah, i just had one from when i bought my Binson and decided to run them all in just so i don't have to constantly shuffle cables around. Temporary solution. I was thinking about getting 2 more or find one that can do 3 from a single box or just have someone make one.


Stereo goodness, this sounded pretty darn insane with the pedalsteel!
This setup is capable of some serious ambient bliss...
I think i volume swelled the same 1-5-6-4 progression over and over for half an hour..
The same board as posted earlier in the thread with an additional POG2..



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I like that one. I haven't seen too many others running the Tim Pierce OD like me... and what's funny is I think you and I set our controls identically! Do you run it with the Power Amp on most of the time??
I go back and forth...for the most part, yes, but I've found it can be nice without. I like the GS124 into the Power Amp as well. My buddy Mark Lettieri runs the Pierce into a Guthrie Trapp

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