Shure IEM PSM 200 looking to upgrade any suggestions


I have been using the Shure PSM 200 In-ear monitor system for the past 4 years every weekend and love it. A few venues could have given me a stereo send had I had a stereo unit. I have sensaphonics custom molded ear buds. My question is for those that use IEM's how much difference is there between the PSM 200 and something like the PSM600. Outside of the stereo feature, battery level meter, metal casing instead of plastic, auto scan frequency etc would I notice a sound difference between the two? I know with the PSM 200 you have to adjust the level on the front of the unit so that it doesn't distort however I believe on the 600 you can't do that because it max's the level I believe without clipping.

or.. is there another unit you guys would recommend say from Sennheiser or another company.

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Dickie Fredericks

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Ooops my bad yeah it is mono. Hmmm never even thought about it cause it sounds pretty darned good to me.

Our drummer uses the 600.

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