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Shure SM57 or Beta 57a?


I am in the process of getting a little recording set up on my macbook, and intend on buying either a 57 or 57a as an all round microphone for recording amps and such. it will mostly be used for recording distorted guitar, some clean, some acoustic, and vocals (not ideal i know but only for the sake of knocking together a few demos) if need be. Will be used on both deep and high voices. They both have thier own unique qualities, but i was wondering if anyone with good experiance with both of these microphones could tell me which would be best for my purposes?


'fraid I don't have experience with the Beta 57 series, but I recently did a brief "shootout" with an older SM 58 and a Beta 58. The Beta 58 was way more present and brighter. It had a tighter pickup pattern and seemed a bit more sensitive (louder) than the regular 58.

I have used regular SM 57's for years. It's a studio standard on snare and guitar cabinets. If you are only getting one mic, you might want to try the Beta 57. It has a better wind screen (good if you're using it for vocals), and possibly better shock isolation. However neither mic would be a first choice for vocals, but if you are going to use it for live gigs I'd go with the Beta 57.



Save some cash and just get a sm57.
I had a beta a while back and just could not hear the difference in them other than the beta being a little brighter.


The Beta is a bit more clear and doesn't seem to have as much of that signature high-mid SM57 sound. I really like it on my LSS live. The wind screen is a big plus, especially if you intend on using it on drums as well as guitar. I've broken the heads off SM57s with errant drum strokes.


The Beta 57 is not a replacement for the 57 as it is completely different. It is brighter like everyone has said but also much more open and balanced overall. It is a little bright for micing most cabs, but is good for really dark sounding amps and is my go to snare mic.


Gold Supporting Member
...the increased sibilance of a Beta 57 is either a blessing or a curse depending on what you're using it for and what you're wanting to get from it....i find it to be a very good live vocal mic especially for singers that don't have much cut to their voice (frontal resonance)....its too edgy for micing cabs and for my tastes too "raw" for recording....overall not a really versatile mic for my needs....

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