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    Jun 30, 2013
    I'm starting this thread to document a custom build that Siggi Braun of Fine Young Guitars is doing for me. I'll update it with pictures as the project comes along. Siggi has been absolutely wonderful throughout the design phase of this project. His knowledge and expertise are immense and he left me with the feeling that he is just as excited as me to see the guitar finished. He is also being extremely kind and rushing this build for me. Normally there is an 8+ month wait before Siggi can start production of a custom, but due to extraordinary circumstances (my go-to axe was broken during maintenence) he is going to deliver my guitar in 8 weeks. Today we finalized the specs and I picked a fingerboard:

    • O-Design body with heavy headstock design (see first picture below to get an idea of the shape of the body and headstock)
    • Bolt-on CNS-System
    • Select US Red Alder body
    • 5A Birdseye maple neck with a Pao ferro stripe/tone bar
    • 5A Quilted maple fretboard
    • Black side dots
    • 12th fret mother of pearl block with engraving of guitar's name
    • 5A Quilted maple top and headstock overlay
    • Neck measurements: 19,5 mm thick at 1st fret, 21,5 mm at 12th fret, 43mm width at nut, 57,50 mm width at 24th fret
    • D profile
    • 12-16'' radius
    • Mixed stainless steel frets- 1-12 are 2.78x1.4 and 13-24 are 2.25x1.4
    • Satin Chrome Schaller Lockmeister Tremolo, R4 nut, Schaller sureclaw, Schaller Backlock tuners
    • Rockinger Black Box, Dome speed knobs
    • Siggi's Crossjack
    • Direct mount full size bridge humbucker and slanted neck single coil
    • 5-way Megaswitch (series/parallel), Volume, Tone, 2 way Miniswitch ON/Off (killswitch)
    • Custom Big Blue finish (top and headstock)
    • Slightly transparent yellow stain on backside alder, 2k satin finish
    • slightly transparent yellow stain on fretboard
    • Oiled neck back
    • Progressive fretboard scallop in special "D" shape
    • Slanted fretboard end
    • Signature decal on headstock
    • 009-042 strings tuned to Standard

    Next step will be to confirm a top!



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    Dec 31, 2013
    North Jersey
    Nice, looking fwd to seeing this build, congrats!

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