Signal from reactive load bleeding into monitors?


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Picked up a Suhr RLIR and it mostly works fine, but I’m having a really weird issue with it.

Signal chain:
Diezel Herbert -> Suhr RLIR -> Focusrite Scarlett 8i6 -> monitors/headphones

Whenever I play anything on the guitar, I hear this horrible buzzing from my monitors. It happens even when the monitor volume and RLIR output volumes are at 0, and it doesn’t change in volume when turning up the monitors or RLIR output.

Oddly, this buzzing is not present through my headphones.

There is no way to stop this noise - as long as the RLIR is plugged in and the amp is on, playing produces this buzzing sound.

To be clear this is not fan noise from the RLIR itself, which activates in response to playing to maintain the internal temp. This is in addition to that fan noise, and it is definitely coming from the monitors.

My loose guess is some sort of “dirty power” thing where the RLIR’s activation is putting noise back into the power circuit that the monitors pick up. I don’t have good clean, isolated power for the studio monitors and they already have some buzzing with, for example, my PC running heavy workloads.

Any thoughts, or ways to verify the “dirty power” thing without buying power conditioning gear?


Sounds like a ground loop. Is everything plugged into the same power outlet?


Some load boxes make a buzzing sound. It is annoying but normal. Are you sure it is not just from the unit?


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Maybe move the RLIR away from everything else (amp, guitar, computer, speakers) as far as possible since it has coils inside.

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