SILENT NIGHT SPECIAL New Torpedo (or Lepedal) => Free cabinets


Let's get loud silently at night this winter!


Register any one of Two notes hardware products between December 15, 2016 and January 15, 2017, And GET an exclusive pack of 16 CAPTURE MASTERS virtual cabinets worth *128,-EUR (about $115USD without taxes) for free!


bonus cabinet list:

BomBasstic 1980 2x15 Custom built bass cabinet
BENGEL Engl® 4x12 Standard Slanted
TangerBlak Orange Custom Shop® Rockerverb Combo MKI Black
CustAud Custom Audio® 2x12 frontloaded CelestionV30
GreenArtC Vintage 70's Marshall® Artiste 4x12 with greenback Rola® Celestion® G12H30 55Hz Closed
PinnacleHG Dr. Z ® "Z-Best®" Thiele Ported 2x12 withCelestion® Vintage 30® and G12H30A® - horizontally with the G12H30® close mic'd
GreenKet 4x12 Hughes & Kettner® Custom Cab B25 with Celestion® G12M25
Rock Soul 2x12 Soldano© Reverb-O-Sonic with original Eminence© X12000
TR M75 2x12 Two Rock® Signature
Voice30Blue Vox® AC30® with Celestion® Blue AlNiCo®
Tweed 212 1964 Fender® Tweed 2x12
Rand Trasher 4x12 Randall® Thrasher 412S with Celestion® G12H-100
Indiana 2x12 KSR Amplification with Celestion Lynchback
BassFlex 1x15 Ampeg® Portaflex® B15N with original CTS speaker
Fastback25 Marshall® 4x12 Purple Slant closed cabinet
Dual BW15 Peavey® 215D BW - Black Widow® speakers.

*incl. VAT, if purchased separately


Silent Night Special Part 2


Cabs are normally 8Euro each VAT in, with a bulk buy discount up to 65% off, all cabs bought in this special are discounted an additional 50% so each cabinet costs 1.40Eur Vat in or roughly $1.27USD/ cabinet for US customers based on the best column offer.

Cabs can be used with any Torpedo hardware product and/or the WallofSoundIII (WOSIII) speaker emulation plug in

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