“Silent” Writing Partners of the Famous?


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Ted Templeman - Van Halen

Just remembered he says he wrote the chorus of Dance The Night Away, also in his book.

Says he wrote some parts with all the groups he worked with but didn’t feel it necessary to get writing credits.


Robert Hunter is probably the least known person that had a major impact on 60s rock music and culture. His words on those Dead songs are just sewn into the fabric now of American song and yet I think to most people he is completely unknown.


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Ice-T ghost wrote all or most of the Mr. T "Be Somebody or Be Somebody's Fool" record/video.
Jim Vallance co-wrote most of Bryan Adams songs.
He wrote a metric ****-ton of songs for everyone else, too. TGP wouldn't let me copy/paste the list because it's too long. Kiss. Krokus, Tina Turner, Aerosmith, and "What About Love", made into a gigantic hit by Heart.
There was a spot on Vallance's site where he talks about the songs. The story of writing "War Machine" for Kiss is a fave.

Have a gander and marvel at the spread:


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Even tho’ it’s not really publicly known, The Beatles wouldn’t be where there at without George Martin and the songwriting/production team behind them.
How do you go from playing covers in dive in Germany to writing infectious pop songs adored by millions?
Well, like Paul once said something like "I listened to a lot music when I was growing up, on the BBC. So my hard drive got filled up with a lot of information. Plus, I'm genius."



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Right, even assuming he wrote lyrics/melodies on any of back in black or subsequent albums, it doesn’t make sense to me that a more than adequate songwriter would all of the sudden stop writing. Not only that, the songs really didn’t change all that much.
Theres some overall strangeness overall going on in the mid 80’s through the early/mid 90’s with ACDC. I’m curious as well, but most likely it’s behind the iron curtain of their management and marketing team and we’ll never know. Similar to ZZ Top...we get glimpses, but never the whole thing.


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Van Dyke Parks and Tony Asher with Brian Wilson

While it's true George Martin didn't help "write" the Beatles songs, per se... but he contributed mightily to their sound and arrangements
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So he says.
From covers to finely crafted pop songs
Stones did the same thing. And The Beatles were writing before they got signed (granted not earth shaking stuff, but doing the craft) and my understanding is that with the Stones, they realized that writing was where the action is, and just started doing it. Unless someone believes their stuff was written by someone else. And all the other bands? Writing is a skill that can be learned by working on it, just some people are better at it than others, but it is not so much hard as hard work.
Which means what, exactly? You doubt his skill? You think he's got ghostwriters?

I imagine most folks who've gone on to be great songwriters began with imitation of the work of those who came before them.
Right! So you’re saying history will repeat itself?

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