Silvertone amp in case guitar wiring issues/replacement bridge question


I recently received a silvertone amp in case guitar through a "try before we trade" trade deal with a fellow tgp user. I'm guessing that everything I list here that has a problem needs replacing, and that this guitar needs a total wiring overhaul but if you have any ideas or anything that might help I'd be glad to hear
I'd really like to fix this guitar, and if nothing comes of this tonight I'll be taking it down to Turner Myers asap
i found that the guitar had the following problems:

-neck pickup is not working
-bridge pickup works perfectly
-the pots are the kind with one stacked on top of another (tone on top & volume on bottom), and the tone control for the neck pickup slightly effects the tone of the bridge pickup, fattening and increasing clarity.. odd, but the volume control of the neck pickup doesn't do anything
-when the three way pickup toggle switch is placed all the way up (neck pickup) the bridge pickup is still clearly heard (the bridge pickup can be heard on all three settings of this switch)
-the input jack seems to want to cut out when downward force is applied to the cable (gravity on the cable) although this has only happened twice, and stopped after a few minutes of playing each time. At one point I thought I heard a very low signal from the neck pickup, but this went away and I was unable to hear it when i tested the guitar just before taking the following photos

I removed the pick guard from the body and took the following photos:






Also, I was wondering if it would be possible to install this bridge:




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I'd suspect a short on the neck pickup or pot. Danos are wired in series and if the pickup were open, I'm pretty sure you wouldn't get any signal.
DON'T install a TOM bridge unless the guitar itself is totally buggered already. If you really feel that the Dano bridge is not for you, don't even buy the guitar. Dano bridges work just fine as-is and one of my most in-tune sounding guitars is a Danelectro.
The switch on old Danos has the solder lugs connected to the internal leaves through crimps which become corroded over time. I will use a wire brush to clean the connections and "touch up" the connections with a bit of solder. Bad switch connections are what is making the bridge pickup stay on in all positions.


I'm trying to locate Turner for some guitar work for myself and for Doc Stone. If you have any numbers to reach him by or where he has set up shop, please let me know. thanks, Steve


The thing about the the bridge is that the combo of the aluminum nut and rosewood bridge IS the sound. You can get a qualified tech to cut the bridge to correct intonation and then glue it in place so you have easy string changing and you get THAT tone, which imho is the ****! Don't mess w/ another bridge, it'll never be the same.

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